DanceSport WA State Team

Below are the couples who will be travelling to Australian DanceSport Championship in December.

Congratulations to all Couples from the WA Board!

Adult Latin                               Gavin Smith & Brooke Fanto
Adult New Vogue                    Cameron Rennie & Rochelle Murdoch
Adult Standard                        Cameron Rennie & Rochelle Murdoch

Junior Latin                             Daniel Potter & Grace Ivory
Junior New Vogue                  James Bardill & Isabella Wong
Junior Standard                      Daniel Potter & Grace Ivory

Juvenile Latin                          Ares Yin & Grace Dowley
Juvenile New Vogue               Ares Yin & Grace Dowley
Juvenile Standard                   Ares Yin & Grace Dowley

Under 21 Latin                        Lucien Maart & Sabrina Serra
Under 21 New Vogue             Lucien Maart & Sabrina Serra
Under 21 Standard                 Lucien Maart & Sabrina Serra

Masters Latin                          Chris Boon & Melissa Lejman
Masters New Vogue               Ken Turner & Simone Turner
Masters Standard                   Brian Taylor & Katrina Lloyd (Not competing in Melbourne)
Next highest Ranked              Peter Hegarty & Rona Gartner (TIE second place)
                                                Brad Smith & Ineke Smith (TIE second place & not competing in Melbourne)

Revised DSWA 2020 Calendar as at 20.08.20

Please review the latest changes on our 20th August, updated 2020 Calendar!

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