Studios will usually display a competition programme on their notice board. You must be aware of the closing date and if there is a entry fee to pay. Ask your Coach to show you the process if you are not sure.

You need to enter in  your selected events on the entry form either by downloadling a form and sending it by post or for some competitions it can all be done online. You should also look for a Screed or Event Information document outlining the opening door time and the actual competition commencement time. Do not be late for your event as the promoter cannot wait. Doors are open earlier to allow you to prepare for your event, eg change into your costume, dance shoes, find you table or seat and most important of all see the numbers table or registrar to obtain your competitor number.

You should also check the Running Sheet to make sure you know of any changes that have been made from the orginal information. If you cannot attend then please let the organiser know so that they can make changes to their programme and catering numbers.

As mentioned before the priority is your competition number. The Numbers Table, or Registrar will issue one for the day upon taking your Registration Card. At the end of the day you can pick up your registration card and hand in your number. Some events may have a semi or round before a final so make sure you read the running sheet properly and time your change of costuming for the different styles.

Remember to dance you must be registered with DSA. If you are found not to be registered you will be asked why. DSA carries insurance if you are registered which could help you should you be injured, so this is one of the reasons why you must be registered.

Know your number and make sure it is visible to Adjudicators. Usually it is pinned to the male competitor's back.

Some competitions require couples to report to the Marshalling Area prior to your scheduled event. The reason for this is to establish exactly how many couples are presenting for  a particular event and organise heats if required. Once dteremined, this inormation is usually communicated to the Compere and helps with the smooth runnin fo a competition.

When no Marchslling Area has been allocated, all competitors must listern to the Compere and move directly onto the floor from any area when instructed.

If you have danced a qualifiying round or semi you will need to find out if you have been successful in obtaining a place in the next round or final. Some competitions have a n allocated Recall Number Board or the compere will announce the back numbers of the successful couples. Therefore make sure you listen to what is being announced.

Most competitions now are using DanceSport "Live" as their scrutineering program, where recalls may be available via your phone on the internet or they may have an electronic display monitor for couples to view.

The results of each event will be announced by the compere at the condlusion of every bracket of dances. Usually they are read out in the order of events, however this may not always be the case. Please stay in your competition costume until the results are read out.

At the end of the day if you win an event you can now hand in your back number and collect your registration card. Check if your allocations points have been marked, if not find an official to mark your cards before you leave. Both you and your partner must have your points marked on your cards. Remember if there are less than four couples on the floor in the event you have won, you will not receive any points, unless you specifically ask an official to do so.

All the above applies to the Amateur and Recreational dancer.

For Medalist, Novelty, Individual events and Unrestricted competitions there are no points for elevation.

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