What is DanceSport?  DanceSport is the name given to competitive ballroom and latin american dancing. Most DanceSport competitors believe that DanceSport is both a sport and an art.  With the creative freedom to express their inner selves and the extreme agility and fitness of the most elite athletes, DanceSport for most competitors is a passion, an art and a sport.  Comprising of three very different styles of dance, Ballroom, Latin and, New Vogue, DanceSport caters to every personality, age and size.  DanceSport is one of the only sports or activities that appeals to a wider age group with competitors registered from the age of 3 through to 80.  DanceSport is inspirational, artistic, athletic, passionate and stunning to watch. What's not to love?  DanceSport offers it's competitors the opportunity to dance for fun and enjoy local competitions or make a career of an activity they truly love and travel the world.  DanceSport equals DREAM BIG, anything can happen!  "To inspire interest from all walks of life regardless of gender, age, or physical limitations."

DanceSport Australia is the official governing body for DanceSport. It is made up of a National Council and State Boards. The National Website is www.dancesport.org.au  where detailed information for our members can be found.

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24 October 2020 

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12 December 2020

ADS Super Star
20 February 2021

DSWA Mandurah
28 February 2021 

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