I commenced dancing when I was six years old. One day I had seen a ballroom dance competition on TV and told my mum that it interested me.

When she saw my enthusiasm she signed me up for the next school dance class. Naturally I first began in a children's beginners dance class. I loved it so much that to this day I have never stopped dancing.

Daily dance training became a huge part of my life. Dancing was just as important as my education was but I viewed it as so much more fun and entertainment at the same time.

Being in a studio environment gave me sense of belonging, especially since I felt like a kindred spirit with a certain group of dancers. I had the best group to socialize with and feel safe. Till this day many of the friends I have made along my journey in dancing are still very close friends even today. It was just so much fun learning and laughing together and many of my best memories are related to those times in dancing.

If I had to be specific the most valued experiences I had were:

Dancing with and competing against my friends;

Wearing beautiful dresses, make-up and shoes;

Travelling and meeting interesting new people;

Winning trophies;

Ballroom dancing has taught me how to communicate with other people, given me so much confidence in myself as has fine tuned my body in the best way possible, by giving me correct posture, body tone and a healthy way of life. It's also taught me to be disciplined and kept me fit and happy.

I am most grateful to my mother and thank her sincerely for listening to me and taking the time to take me to my first dance class. I can’t imagine a better or more adventurous exciting life than being a professional ballroom dancer.

I love it, and would urge anyone that it is never to late to start!

Grete Kasi

Australian Professional Ballroom Champion 2012

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