AID Blue Riband Championship 11th March 2018

VC Photography Facebbok Album


72nd Australian DanceSport Championship  9th December 2017

Folder 1    Folder 2    Folder 3    VC Photography Facebook Album pages


Live Lighter WA Open DanceSport Championship 28th October 2017

Link to Facebook of Anna Di Vincenzo   Link to Facebook Dance Scene WA   

Exhibition Dancers  -  Aaron & Georgia    Simon & Meghan

VC Photography Facebook    Julie Di Camillo Photos


Humphreys 50th Anniversary Ball Saturday 9th September 2017

Link to Facebook (Dance Scene WA)    Folder 1    Folder 2    Folder 3    Folder 4   Folder 5   Folder 6


AID Rising Star Championship 17th September 2017

VC Photography Facebook


DMIA Star Championship 13th August 2017

Folder 1 (12 pages)


AID Annual Championship 16th July 2017

VC Photography Facebook


ADS Night of Stars National Championship Ball 10th June 2017

VC Photography Facebook

Link to Facebook (Dance Scene WA) Folder 1    Link to Facebook (Dance Scene WA) Folder 2   

Link to Facebook (Dance Scene WA) Folder 3    Link to Facebook (Dance Scene WA) Folder 4   

Link to Facebook (Dance Scene WA) Folder 5    Maxime & Katrina Floorshow, featuring Damon Sugden

Andrew & Kesey Showdance (Winners)   Ryan & Georgia Showdance


WA Open DanceSport Championship 30th Octoeber 2016

Juniors    WA Masters Team


Humphreys Spring Ball 2016

Link to Facebook (Dance Scene WA)


AID Annual Championship 17th July 2016 (Facebook)

Link to Facebook (Dance Scene WA Album 1)

Link to Facebook (Dance Scene WA Album 2)


ADS Live Lighter 2016 Night of Stars National Ch/ship (Facebook)

Link to Facebook (Anna Di Vincenzo)

Link to Facebook (VC Photography)


Live Lighter 2015 WA Open DanceSport Ch/ship
Album 1      Album 2      Album 3


Dancers at Events No 3

Dancers at Events No 2

Dancers at Events No 1

Learn to Dance - Class Times

Metropolitan Perth WA

2018 RTF's  Registered Teaching Facilities  are accredited with Dancesport Australia. To view their Classes please visit each studio's websote link below.

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