Martin van der Poel

  • Dancers Full Name:   Martin van der Poel
  • Age A tPresent:   62
  • Date Submitted:   25/4/2014
  • Present Dance Partner:   Dianne van der Poel
  • Dancing Together For:   15 year
  • Age Group:   Masters
  • Achievements:   Being 62, still competing and slowly improving what we do
  • Present Instructors:   Sean van der Poel, Lauren deRozario and Len Humphreys
  • Present Studios:   Humphreys Dance Studio
  • How Long Dancing:   31 years
  • Heard Of Dancing:   From a lady friend
  • Wanted To Be Dancer:   After 2 months of attending group lessons
  • Favourite Dance:   Foxtrot, it feels so good when it goes right
  • Favourite Dancers:   Lower grade juvenille couples. Great to see them trying in so many different ways
  • Memorable Experience:   Being cheered on by Josh O'Keefe at the Australians. doing a poor rendition of a Paso Doble
  • Worst Experience:   Fronting up at an overcrowded venue for a competition with no changerooms, went straight home again, waste of a day
  • Achievement Future:   Dance till we drop
  • Advice For Dancers:   Be in it for the long haul, stick with it.
  • Role Dance Show:   WA juvenile Open, if I danced that I would have a much longer life of dance ahead of me again.

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