Rachel Brown

  • Dancers Full Name:   Rachel Brown
  • Age At Present:   47
  • Date Submitted:   23/4/14
  • Present Dance Partner:   Nathan Brown
  • DancingTogether For:   4 years
  • AgeGroup:   Masters 1
  • Achievements:   WA team representatives for Masters New Vogue in 2013 at the Aussies.
  • How Long Dancing:   On and off since I was a child learning ballet
  • Heard Of Dancing:   My mum's colleagues told her to sign up for a Modern and Latin class in 1988. I had to drive her there.
  • Wanted To Be Dancer:   When I did social dancing group classes in my 20s and knew there was more to it.
  • Favourite Dance:   Lucille Waltz & Carousel - slow, relaxed and expressive yet controlled
  • Memorable Experience:   Winning gold in the Masters 1 Level 3 New Vogue at NCDC in 2013, our first interstate competition.
  • Worst Experience:   Not warming up before our event and not dancing as well as we could have.
  • Achievemen tFuture:   Making the Masters 1 Open finals in an interstate competition
  • Advice For Dancers:   Be focused, listen to your coaches but enjoy yourself and lose yourself a little in the music.

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